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As you may have noticed over the last few days the site was on and off, this was due to a domain transfer as well as a DNS/nameservers transfer.

What this means is that now we have proper DNS control that allows us to make real sub domains for the server. This will has allowed us to make how you join the forums, team speak and server much easier. I ask that you start using the new host names asap to get use to them.

Client Server: play.tagcraftmc.com
TeamSpeak3: ts.tagcraftmc.com
Site: www.tagcraftmc.com
Online Client: online.tagcraftmc.com (Coming Soon)

We will still keep the old host names up for 1-2 months whilst people merge over to the new ones.

Thank you for your continued support.
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Domain Transfer

Chalkie_Temp a posted Dec 7, 12
The Domain tagcraftmc.com may be down for up to 48 whilst it is transferred.
This site was quickly created to inform you guys of why the site seems to be down, Don't bother making an account on here as it's only temp.

If you need to contact me, feel free to do it via TS3 or Email if I am not in game.

TS3: ts-tagcraftmc.servegame.com
Email: tagcraftmc@gmail.com

If you are new to TagcraftMC sorry for the wait, our server address for the moment is tagcraftmc.servegame.com

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